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Let’s end childhood

lead exposure.

We drive effective policies to eliminate lead poisoning across the globe.

Children with lead poisoning

Deaths Every Year

Countries Without Lead Paint Regulation

Lead is an invisible toxin.

Globally, an estimated one in three children has dangerous levels of lead in their bloodstream. Exposure to lead irreversibly affects a child’s cognitive development, undermining their potential, and causes cardiovascular disease, anemia and kidney damage.

Lead paint is widespread.

An important cause of lead exposure is lead paint, which is unregulated in 55% of countries globally. Young children are particularly vulnerable to lead exposure from flaking paint and contaminated dust.

Lead exposure is preventable.

Alternative, non-lead-based ingredients for paint exist and have been on the market for decades in many countries. Elimination of leaded petrol was a global success story. We can do the same for paint.

What We Do

Conduct paint studies to obtain country-specific data

Support governments in implementing lead paint regulations

Provide technical assistance to help paint manufacturers switch to lead-free

Support Our Work

LEEP is a partner of the Global Alliance to Eliminate Lead Paint, was incubated by Charity Entrepreneurship, and is supported by Schmidt Futures, Greenbridge Family Foundation, Founders PledgeOpen Philanthropy, and a number of generous individuals.

LEEP is one of two organizations that Rethink Priorities recommended in its 2021 report for those who want to fund direct lead exposure work. LEEP is recommended as a high impact funding opportunity by Founders Pledge and is supported by Giving What We Can.

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