Our Projects

Lead Exposure Elimination Project

Our approach

1. Stakeholder engagement: Develop our understanding of the local context, build partnerships, and begin collaborative conversations with government and industry stakeholders.

2. Conduct paint study: Determine whether and to what extent lead-based paints are available on the market. If paints are lead-free, end the project at this point.

3. Government outreach: Share our research with relevant government ministries and seek commitments for new regulation or enforcement of existing regulation. Provide support as needed, such as in drafting new laws. 

4. Industry outreach: Provide technical assistance to manufacturers to enable them to switch to lead-free paint.

5. Conduct followup paint study: After regulations are newly implemented or enforced, carry out another study to ensure that lead-based paints have successfully been replaced. Provide further assistance to government and industry as necessary.  


Our goal is to improve the lives of children worldwide as much as we can. We are driven by cost-effectiveness and results, and regularly assess our progress.


We base our work on evidence when we can. We are transparent, and share our successes and failures. We embrace truth, even when it isn’t convenient.


Multiple actors need to work together to eliminate lead paint. We aim to assist our partners, governments and paint manufacturers with the specific support they need to make lasting change.